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Daytona Sensors 117001 SL-1 Programmable Shift Light Controller

The SL-1 is a combination shift light and vehicle data logger with the following features:

  • Ultra high brightness red/green/blue LED display that can be panel mounted or attached to a tach with a supplied bracket. The LED display features full spectrum color capability including white with user selected colors for each function and automatic dimming under low light conditions.
  • Launch and multi-stage shift light capability. A launch RPM and up to five shift RPM levels can be defined to support up to six gear transmissions.
  • Gear detection is based on vehicle speed (if a vehicle speed sensor is available) or RPM drop during shift. Vehicle speed based gear detection allows use in applications other than drag racing as it allows correct gear sensing after downshifts.
  • Launch detection is based on vehicle speed (if a vehicle speed sensor is available) or a signal from a line lock solenoid.
  • Two independent programmable alarm functions for analog inputs. Additional programmable alarm and general purpose control output functions are described in the software section.
  • Flexible RPM input compatible with high voltage coil drive (vehicles with coil packs or distributor ignition), standard 12 volt tach signal, or low level logic drive (newer vehicles with coil-on-plug).
  • Built-in data logging. Ideal as basic vehicle data logger during dyno tuning or on the track. Logs data whenever system is armed. Stores last 5 minutes of data at 10 samples/second.
  • Data logged includes throttle position, RPM, vehicle speed, status of all inputs and outputs, and two 0-5 volt analog inputs.
  • Heavy duty industrial grade clamping terminal blocks allow easy and reliable hookup without soldering or crimping.
  • Compact size: 3.3”L x 2.4”W x 1.1”H (not including mounting feet and terminal block).
  • USB interface to laptop PC. Powerful Windows software for programming controller and downloading logged data.
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