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STAR MACHINE Regulator '-12 Female STR.04.12.000

STAR MACHINE Regulator '-12 Female STR.04.12.000

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Manufactured from 6061-T6/651 aluminum and color anodized. This regulator was designed to be mounted directly to a male -12 AN fitting (fitting not included). Like all our regulators, this one is infinitely adjustable, there are no springs or shims to "fool" with. Simply loosen the jamb nut and turn the head to increase or decrease the vacuum set point.

All our regulators have screened inlets to keep dirt out of our pumps and out of your engine. There are two major benefits to mounting our vacuum regulator directly to your pump. First, when the regulator set point is reached, ambient air is drawn directly into the pump helping it run cooler. And the other, by placing the regulator "outside" the crankcase area, the excess air the regulator is bypassing will no longer be passing thru the engine to the pump. It now flows directly into the pump, reducing the possibility of oil being scavenged from the engine.

Mass: 146g/.32lbs.

THEORY Locating the vacuum regulator outside of the crankcase area and placing it directly onto the vacuum pump is the ideal position. The regulator creates a controlled leak to limit the amount of crankcase vacuum. When such a leak is placed inside the crankcase area it promotes oil to be scavenged from the engine. The pump-mounted regulator not only reduces this condition but also allows ambient air into the pump as opposed to hotter crankcase air when the set point is reached allowing the pump to run cooler. INSTALLATION The Star Machine pump mounted regulator will work on any manufactures pump containing a -12 AN male thread. Install the regulator onto the vacuum fitting of the pump or on the baffle on the valve cover (which ever gives the best access. If this regulator is being used on the Star Machine EVP (electric vacuum pump) containing AN fittings, install the regulator onto the blue tube. The “banjo” containing the regulator swivels allowing it to float and be rotated 360 degrees for ideal positioning. During installation, if obstructed, the regulator head can be held from turning while tightening the fitting. Connect the hose (containing -12 female hose end) coming from the engine to the regulator. The regulator can also be installed onto the top fitting of a Star Machine tank containing A/N fittings or onto a –12 A/N male fitting at the engine. ADJUSTING THE REGULATOR SET POINT The regulator is filtered, infinitely adjustable, and does not require disassembly to change the set point. To adjust the set point, loosen the 1 ¼” hex jam nut. Increase vacuum by turning the regulator (the portion containing the screen) in (clockwise). Decrease vacuum by turning the regulator out (counterclockwise). Retighten the jam nut.

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